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My name is Lisa Skates. I am the owner of Simply Social Dancing.
I started dancing when I was very young.
As with most young girls, my mother wanted me to learn how to be graceful.
Ballet was the beginning, followed by Modern, Jazz, African, and Folk dancing.

Life took me in several other directions as an adult, before coming back to dance for work.  All of my jobs have helped me to develop good work habits and have influenced how I teach.

I took a job teaching partner dancing in 1989 because it was the only job available in the field of dance.  
Initially, I was not enthusiastic about this type of dancing, thinking it was beneath me.  After all, I had studied performance styles of dance such as ballet.
Subsequently, I taught in several dance studios in the New York area.
I also competed in dance events which honed my technical skills, but did not help me to appreciate social dancing.

It took me a long time to discover the beauty of social dancing, and to share this with students.

  • Now I enjoy being expressive and graceful using movement.
  • I enjoy the challenge of moving in sync and responsively with a partner. 
  • I enjoy the music and rhythms as we dance.
  • And I enjoy the chance to meet new people in classes and at social gatherings.

I am proud to teach social dancing and watch how it brings enjoyment to the lives of everyday people.



My husband and I took wedding dance classes for our first dance. It was totally worth it. We learned more than we expected. We didn’t just learn about the dance, but about ourselves as a new couple, about posture and it was a great quality time together.
Natalia and Jake L
Lisa was easy going, patient and attentive. She was able to make what seemed to be a great challenge, a very simple and fun task.
Andrea and Mark (from Lincoln Park, NJ)
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