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FAQS - Questions and Answers

1. What do I wear to a dance lesson?
3 Guidelines: Casual, comfortable, and clean.
- No need to get dressed up (unless you wish to).
- You want to be able to move easily in what you wear.
- Cleanliness is important when dancing with a partner.

2. What do I bring?
Bring whatever makes you feel comfortable.
Some students bring a towel in the summer, or a change of shoes.
I provide water for everyone.

3. Do I need a partner?
No. You’ll dance with me during private lessons, or other students during classes.

4. What dance do I start with?
We can discuss this to see what is best.
Of course, you should start with a beginner class, if you have never danced before.
For students who have taken lessons, please see the prerequisites for higher level classes.

5. How long does it take to learn to dance when taking only privates?
This depends on what your goal is, and how fast your learn.
Some people just want a few steps to a few dances so they can join in at social events.
In this case, 10 lessons should do it.

However, if you want to dance well…

6. What dances are offered at Simply Social Dancing?

Please go to my DANCE CLASSES page for details on which dances are taught in classes and private lessons.
In addition, a brief description of each dance can be found on my DANCES WE OFFER page.

7. Can you teach my child to dance?
I do not teach partner dancing to children.
At 16, a teenager can attend classes accompanied by an adult.


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