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Private Dance Lessons, Hackensack, NJ

PRIVATE LESSONS (Individual or couple)

The value of private lessons is that the student receives more personal feedback. In other words, I tailor my comments to the student’s needs, which allows the student to focus on what is most important for their improvement.

Private lessons offer greater flexibility for the student, such as giving the student more options when scheduling the lesson and gearing the pace of the lesson as to how quickly the student is able to learn.

For those students who take group classes, I highly recommend taking a private lesson periodically, as well. By taking private lessons you can benefit from one-on-one tips and greatly improve your dancing skills.


I offer private group classes for students who enjoy the social aspect of taking lessons with a group of friends. Afterwards, they can go out dancing together and use what they have learned.

A minimum of 8 people is required for a private group, with equal numbers of men and women. We change partners in private groups, because changing partners helps students with their ability to lead and follow.


Private Lesson $80.00 (1 hour)
Private Package of 10 lessons $700.00

Private In-Home Lessons $100.00 (5 miles or 15 minutes from CMDE Studio. Added travel charge beyond this distances.)

Private Lesson
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“It's the simple things in life that really count. Being able to ask a charming young lady out on the floor, seeing her smile while you're dancing together is one of them."
“Lisa taught me how to dance. No, not just how to do endless, easily forgotten steps and patterns - any teacher can do that - she taught me how to ‘dance’, something I'll always remember. She cared enough to coax me out onto the dance floor at socials which wasn't all that easy. I've been going out dancing and smiling ever since. I even met a charming young dance friend at Lisa’s."
“Lisa helped me discover, late in life, the simple pleasure of dancing with someone. Thank you Lisa. Thank you for sharing your joy of dance with all your students.”

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