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My wife and I were about two months from our wedding date and decided to polish our first dance. We didn’t expect to learn how to ballroom dance in just a few lessons but Lisa (from Simply Social Dancing) was able to provide the basics and beyond. We ended up incorporating various moves into a beautiful first dance and even added a funny move in the middle that everyone loved. Lisa was easy going, patient and attentive. She was able to make what seemed to be a great challenge, a very simple and fun task. You can’t do that without skills, knowledge and the ability to translate that to our four left feet. Thank you Lisa and thank you Simply Social Dancing.

–Andrea and Mark (from Lincoln Park, NJ)

Natalie and Jake take their wedding dance
My husband and I took wedding dance classes for our first dance. It was totally worth it. We learned more than we expected. We didn’t just learn about the dance, but about ourselves as a new couple, about posture and it was a great quality time together. I wish Lisa was at our wedding day, we really missed her voice on the background saying: One Two Three…
Thanks Lisa! You really made it a magical night for us!

Love, Natalia and Jake Lupo

Angela and Adam enjoy the moment of their wedding dance
Taking lessons with Lisa was my favorite part of wedding planning. My now husband and I aren’t dancers, and we picked a fast song to dance to (Nat King Cole’s “Let’s Face the Music and Dance”). Lisa taught us at a pace that was slow enough that we could learn the moves but also quickly enough that each week was a challenge. It took us 6 weeks in all to master our first dance.

The whole process was really fun. The dance Lisa taught us was exactly what we wanted and it really did give a certain “pop” to our wedding that we wanted. All of the guests loved our dance.

Not only did we enjoy the actual lessons with Lisa, but we loved having an activity to do together. Two months out from a wedding, things get stressful, everyone is busy, and there are a million details to think about. Dancing was the one activity that was just a fun time for the two of us to have together. In the classroom and out, practicing was such a bonding experience. Laughing at our own awkwardness and celebrating our small victories (“You didn’t spin me into the wall!”) are priceless memories we have together now. I would recommend dance lessons for any engaged couple. You’ll have more fun with your dance than anything else you can do to prepare for the big day. You will surely look good in your wedding videos at the end of it all!!

–Angela Definis



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