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Wedding Dance Lessons Hackensack, NJ

Each wedding dance is unique, begining with the wedding couple choosing music which is meaningful to them.

I take into consideration the music they have chosen, their ability to dance, and how they move together while being taught.

I also listen to what they express is important to them for the dance.
Gradually a dance develops that reflects the couple and their relationship.

I recommend a minimum of five private lessons for your dance. I can more fully develop your dance if you choose to take more lessons.

During my years as a dance instructor I have had the pleasure of working with many couples with different styles. Your dance can be formal or casual, and can include cultural traditions which make the dance uniquely yours.

Your wedding lessons are a time for just the two of you, while you prepare for you first dance together as husband and wife. I highly recommend this beautiful way to prepare for your celebration!


1 private one-hour lesson for the wedding couple at the studio.


5 private one-hour lessons for the wedding couple at the studio.
This is my suggested minimum for your first dance.


10 private one-hour lessons for the wedding couple at the studio. With 10 lessons we can develop your dance further by improving your skills.


Privates are a must for any wedding couple!

Wedding Lessons

Gift certificates are available.

Dance lessons for the wedding couple can be
a practical and fun wedding present.
You can choose the number of lessons to offer the couple


We didn’t expect to learn how to ballroom dance in just a few lessons but Lisa (from Simply Social Dancing) was able to provide the basics and beyond. We ended up incorporating various moves into a beautiful first dance and even added a funny move in the middle that everyone loved.
Andrea and Mark (from Lincoln Park, NJ)
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